Born in Toronto, raised in the suburbs by conservative Portuguese parents photography found me in my early teens. Like all typical angsty teenagers I pretended to play music and wanted to be a rock star. Quickly I realised I was mostly tone deaf with little rhythm; it was just not what I was meant to do.

Shortly after this I fell into photography as a way to still gain access to the stages I wanted to be on. Later in life photography continued to be about having an "all access pass" to the most elite of underground communities.

As a result I have spent the better part of 9 years photographing the hidden world of extreme body modification and ritual body play. Through private documentation of atypical surgeries, full body coverage tattoos, eunuchs and wilful amputees I have captured the images of the extraordinary individuals you do not find in national geographic.

Since opening one door always leads you to another; recently I have been working on a series of photographs that not only challenge the viewers perception of what is physically possible but also tests the structural integrity of the dermal landscape.

“I am driven on by the flesh; and he must needs go that the devil drives”.
-- shakespeare

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